Question: What age do you need to be in order to attend camp?
Answer: LMC is for high school students.  That means that we accept campers entering 9th grade through leaving 12th grade.

Question: When will I be getting an application?
Answer: Our application process is 100% online. Please check our “Registration” page starting in late January for a link.

Question: Where is camp located?
Answer: Laurel Music Camp this year (2023) is located at Camp Mattatuck. For Directions click here
Answer: 221 Mt Tobe Rd, Plymouth, CT 06782
​PLEASE NOTE: while LMC is being held at Camp Mattatuck (a camp run by Boy Scouts of America), Laurel Music Camp is an organization run independently of their operations. Any questions leading up to the camp week should be directed to us. 

Question: Can I bunk with a friend?
Answer: Yes, you may select one friend (of the same gender) to share a tent with you while at camp. Simply list your friend’s name under the designated space on your registration. Be sure that your friend does the same with your name. While we can’t guarantee that you and your friend will be placed in the same tent, we will certainly do our best to accommodate you. If plans change, or you decide later whom you wish to bunk with, please email these changes to our registrar via email
Other Housing Details: 
– Campers will bunk in platform tents that sleep two (2) campers. 
– Showers are available for campers to use during rec periods

Question: What if I can’t arrive on time for camp check-in or I have to leave for an appointment, etc.?
Answer: Often times campers find that they need to leave camp for a few hours due to another engagement. In order to facilitate this, your legal parent or guardian must submit this request in writing, stating the pertinent information, to the Registrar prior to check-in. Your parent and/or guardian will also have to exhibit a valid State-issued ID in order to remove you from camp for any time period.  Likewise, if you must arrive late to camp, please notify the Registrar in writing prior to check-in so appropriate accommodations can be made.

Question: I really want to go to LMC this year, but for unforeseen reasons, I cannot afford the registration fee. Is there anything I can do?
Answer: Yes, there are several financial scholarships available to prospective campers. Simply contact Jordan McCorison, LMC Registrar, PRIOR TO MAY 1st for further information. Additionally, there are many community scholarships available; campers are encouraged to explore those avenues as well.

Question: What if I have a broken leg or am physically challenged in some way? Can I still come to camp?
Answer: In such instances, please contact the Registrar, so appropriate accommodations can be made.

Question: What if I play more than one instrument or sing as well? Can I do both?
Answer: Please list all of the instruments you play on your registration. Only in a very rare instance would you play in more than one ensemble. This is excluding woodwinds and brass who may have to play in both band and orchestra, depending on the instrumentation of each ensemble. However, there are several small ensembles that meet and rehearse with one another for evening performances at camp.

Question: What if I use a school-owned instrument during the school year and cannot bring it with me to camp?
Answer: In such a situation, please notify the Registrar in advance to see if accommodations can be made.

Question: My son/daughter applied to camp and received notice that he/she is on a waiting list. How will we find out if he/she is removed from the waiting list and accepted to camp?
Answer: Laurel Music Camp is fortunate to have so many talented young people apply to its program. However, it is important to the success of each musical group to ensure balance with regards to instrumentation and vocal parts. For this reason, we often have a waiting list for popular parts such as soprano/alto vocals, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, saxophones, and more. If your son/daughter was placed on the waiting list, you will receive written notice by May 31st regarding his/her placement on the waiting list. If an opening occurs, the Registrar will call you to determine if your son/daughter is still interested in attending camp. Sometimes we receive notice only a few days before camp begins that a camper will not be able to attend. Best efforts are made to fill those slots before the camp week begins.

Question: My son/daughter has special dietary needs (vegetarian, diabetic, etc.). What accommodations can be made for him/her at meals?
Answer: LMC and the Camp Mattatuck staff will work with you and your son/daughter to ensure his/her dietary needs are met. Please contact the Registrar with your concerns prior to check-in.  Vegetarian options are available during camp meals. Limited food storage for those with special diet requirements may also be available. 

Question: What do I do if I have lost something while at camp?
Answer: During the week, lost-and-found items will be announced during camp meals. If you lose an item the night of the concert or at the school that day, contact Rex Sturdevant (LMC Secretary) and she will be able to assist in locating your item. A reminder that students are encouraged to leave valuable jewelry and other special items at home to prevent their loss.

Question: I ordered a CD of the concert and never got it, who should I contact?
Question: I wish I had ordered a CD of the concert, is it too late?
Answer: For information about Laurel Music Camp Concert CD’s, contact Soundwaves Recordings at, or you can also contact them by phone at (877) 226-2567.