First day of camp schedule
9am – 12pm – Registration/Ice Breakers with our Junior Counselor’s/Auditions if needed
12:30 – 2pm – Lunch
2 – 2:15pm – Chamber Introductions
Campers will get a chance to meet their Chamber Ensemble staff and where each
Chamber Ensemble will take place
2:15 – 2:30pm – Elective Introductions
Campers will get a chance to meet Elective Staff, learn a little bit about each elective and
find out where the electives will take place
2:45 – 4pm – Ensemble Block
Campers will get a chance to meet their ensemble staff including their conductor.
4:15 – 5:30pm – Walk up to camp sites/site introductions
Campers will walk up to their campsites as a group. They will get a chance to meet their
site staff and gather what they will need for the rest of the night.
6 – 6:45pm – Dinner
7 – 8:45pm – Ensemble Block
9pm – Evening Program

Typical day schedule (will be handed out to each camper on first day)
7am – Reveille
8am – Breakfast
9am – Chamber Music
10:15am – Rehearsal
12:30pm – Lunch
1:30pm – Rest hour
2:45pm – Recreation and Electives
6pm – Dinner
7pm – Rehearsal
9pm – Evening Program
11pm – Taps

Evening Programs
Saturday – Camp Bonfire (provided by Camp Mattatuck Boy Scout Staff)
Sunday – Staff Night, where our junior and senior staff members show off their skills!
Monday – Solo Night, campers have a chance to perform solos for the camp!
Tuesday – Ensemble Night, where campers get a chance to collaborate with their fellow
campers and perform for the camp!
Wednesday – Stunt Night, the “holiest” night of the year! Campers and Staff alike combine to create unforgettable skits and musical performances!
Thursday – Mini-concert and Camp Dance, camper ensembles perform for one another. Enjoy a delicious Boy Scout BBQ and shake a tail feather!
Friday – Concert, where campers show off their hard work for their guardians!

Video Camp Walk-throughs

Below, we have provided some videos that show off our wonderful campsite! Laurel Music Camp is currently hosted at Camp Mattatuck, follow along through these videos to get a taste of our facilities!